Interactive Estimated Ridership Stats
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This tool will allow you to view Monthly Ridership stats, Line Level trends, and Historical information. Click on the Details buttons in each section to view the individual Line stats (for example Red Line, Expo Line, and Gold Line in Rail). Please note that Ridership Data is available approximately 15 days after the end of the prior month.

Estimated ridership for special events such as, CicLAvia, performances, and sporting events are not reflected in the monthly estimates.

*N/A - Data Not Available

Systemwide (Bus and Rail)
OCT 2021OCT 2020OCT 2019
Average Weekday Boardings842,901598,9801,222,507
Average Saturday Boardings589,306476,798751,546
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings480,888388,550588,849
Total Boardings23,051,89117,115,75033,479,241

Bus Ridership Estimates
Bus (Directly Operated and Purchased Transportation)
OCT 2021OCT 2020OCT 2019
Average Weekday Boardings667,518465,249952,506
Average Saturday Boardings473,581376,885586,085
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings378,842306,214453,447
Total Boardings18,279,99313,344,75926,065,766

Directly Operated
OCT 2021OCT 2020OCT 2019
Average Weekday Boardings634,944445,463908,514
Average Saturday Boardings450,089360,842562,128
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings358,273292,817434,606
Total Boardings17,375,63412,775,66424,882,758

Purchased Transportation
OCT 2021OCT 2020OCT 2019
Average Weekday Boardings32,57419,78643,992
Average Saturday Boardings23,49216,04323,957
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings20,56913,39718,841
Total Boardings904,359569,0951,183,008

Rail Ridership Estimates
OCT 2021OCT 2020OCT 2019
Average Weekday Boardings175,383133,731270,001
Average Saturday Boardings115,72599,913165,461
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings102,04682,336135,402
Total Boardings4,771,8983,770,9917,413,475
11/2/19--Blue Line fully re-opened end-to-end. Preliminary testing APC estimates

Red/Purple (B/D) Line
OCT 2021OCT 2020OCT 2019
Average Weekday Boardings81,26163,153131,696
Average Saturday Boardings48,59243,90675,594
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings44,67533,66361,879
Total Boardings2,172,8161,743,5483,578,900

Blue (A) Line
OCT 2021OCT 2020OCT 2019
Average Weekday Boardings30,84224,90912,322
Average Saturday Boardings20,23119,1428,633
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings17,56715,9257,344
Total Boardings836,672707,408347,314

Expo (E) Line
OCT 2021OCT 2020OCT 2019
Average Weekday Boardings29,78818,98353,242
Average Saturday Boardings23,05516,47033,743
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings17,87214,17128,664
Total Boardings830,183556,6601,474,194

Green (C) Line
OCT 2021OCT 2020OCT 2019
Average Weekday Boardings15,43912,14130,236
Average Saturday Boardings8,6658,62417,186
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings10,0137,24113,824
Total Boardings417,609339,186819,468

Gold (L) Line
OCT 2021OCT 2020OCT 2019
Average Weekday Boardings18,05314,54542,505
Average Saturday Boardings15,18211,77130,305
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings11,91911,33623,691
Total Boardings514,618424,1891,193,599

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